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Testing Similar Grocery Products, Allows Potential Customers To Find Their Favorite Foods, Drinks & Snacks.

Each participating business selects what similar products are tested by their customers & how it is promoted locally.

Themed Food Events





& Offices

Manufacturers turn samples into fresh consumer data promotion and potential sales

Provide sample product to businesses for free initial gradings by potential hosts

Provide sample product to consumers for the consumer gradings it produces for free


Manufacturers Co-op Our Circulars

Manufacturers chosen products can be promoted in circulars, the cost to join the co-op is approx. $150 per company.

Hosts Co-op Our Local Direct Mail

Direct mail will approx. cost $50 (Just Sparta) & $250 (Mail To Surrounding Towns) per host.

Restaurant & Retail Hosted EatOffs

Each host tests & selects their favorite 7 similar products

Hosts test, promote & sell similar food products from different brands

Food judges grade & rate products, while consumers test, review and can buy their favorite products

Tryout variations are replicated by different hosts in several towns

Office EatOffs

In 2018, office HR departments can utilize EatOffs as scheduled work breaks for their employees.

Customize Our Tryouts

EatOffs & TestBites can also be arranged for any event, reception, party, wedding, home gathering or time out.

Custom EatOffs

Amaze kids at birthday parties; Perfect dinner party appetizers; Add our Tryouts to surprise parties;

We bring mixers to cocktail parties; Furnish brews of the world to tea parties; We go wild at block parties;

Provide food / function for fundraising events; Add character to costume parties; We help celebrate any theme;

Perfect at holiday gatherings; EatOffs can even throw meat to wild packs of teenagers.


Allergies, Medical Conditions & Healthy Eatting

Gluten Free

Nut Free

Dairy Free

Soy Free

Wheat Free


Lower Sodium

Enriched Foods

EatOffs FAQ Pages

Information to Help Your Interaction with EatOffs

What Are EatOffs?

EatOffs are themed micro marts that test & sell similar foods/drinks in restaurants, businesses & offices.

These hosted tasting events use local judges & consumers to compare similar products from different brands.

The first EatOffs (Spring of 2017) will examine mini chocolate bars, mustards, pretzels, root beers, & gummies.

Who Can Launch EatOffs?

Sussex & Morris county restaurants, retailers, grocers & offices that choose to participate.

What NJ Towns Will Get EatOffs?

We beta test in the Sparta area, then in 2018 we may try Montville, Chester, Mendham, Morristown & Madison.

Established hosts launch new EatOffs, that are promoted & replicated by various hosts in surrounding towns.

By attending regular EatOffs, residents continually explore tasting competitions and new product showcases.

Who Are The Judges?

Food judges include chefs, caterers, restaurateurs, food retailers, grocers, nutritionists and food bloggers.

How is Tastecoin a Marketing Tool for the Food Industry?

Small manufacturers are connected to distributors, retailers, restaurants, caterers, vending accounts & brands.

Tastecoin can open new accounts with restaurants, caterers, bars, bakeries, cafes, food trucks, grocers & more.

Participating food related businesses select 7 of their favorite similar products to create their own unique EatOffs.

7 brands from each unique EatOffs get promoted, tasting, tested, rated, graded, compared & posted.

We expand brand awareness using consumer tastings, testing new products, comparing sets & featured products.

EatOffs helps the working relationships between manufacturers, distributors, restaurants, retailers & consumers.

What Criteria Will Be Used In Our Tastes Testings?

appearance, aroma, flavor, touch, feel in mouth, sound, after taste,

overall pleasure, overall appreciation


color intensity, compactness, elasticity, geometrical shape, limpidity, moist look, paleness, shade, shape, shininess, skin surface, tanning, thickness


aromatic, fishy, floral fresh, pungent, smokey, sour, spicy, sweet


acidic, bitter, bland, cool, creamy, earthy, fatty, fizzy, fresh, fruity, hot, milky, moist, nutty, pasty, pungent, salty, sharp, sourish, smokey, spicy, sweet, woody, zesty


elasticity, firmness, mealiness, oily, skin consistency, skin thickness, temperature, tenderness, texture (rough or smooth), thickness

feel in mouth

chewy, creaminess, crispiness, crumbly, denseness, elasticity, fattiness, fibrousness, firmness, fresh, graininess, juiciness, mealiness, moistness, sour, spicy, sponginess, stickiness, texture, tenderness, thickness


bubbly, crackly, crispy, crunchy, fresh, snappy, popping

after taste

persistence of mouth sensation

overall pleasure

overall appreciation

Who Co-ops the Direct Mail, Besides the Hosts?

EatOffs ties in other local retailers & other business interests that help sponsor targeted direct mailings.

Signs promoting EatOffs are placed into windows of many participating local retailers & businesses.

How Are Consumers Convinced to Post to Testimonials on Social Media?

Consumers are tipped a bounty of Tastecoins for testimonials after participating in tasting tryouts.

Consumers posting testimonials onto social media, doubles the Tastecoin reward from each product.

How Can Hosts Profit from EatOffs, or Make $ for a Local Cause or Charity?

EatOffs profits can be shared with the host, designated cause, or any charity hosts decide to promote.

When Will EatOffs begin?

Beta testing of EatOffs, TestBites and other attractions are starting

this Spring in Sussex & Morris County NJ, with mail order to all 50 states.

In late 2017, Tastecoin rolls out TipWee, XGlut and ClothingMachine.

EatOffs consumer testing will launch in several towns in the Sussex & Morris Counties of New Jersey.

The 1st EatOffs will appear in Sparta, Andover, Lafayette, Newton, Jefferson & Other Nearby NJ Towns.

Following EatOffs may appear around Fredon, Vernon, Kinnelon, Montville, Mountain Lakes, Morristown, Morris Township, Harding, Madison, Chatham, Mendham, Chester, Washington Township, & Tewksbury, NJ in 2018.

What Themes Will EatOffs Start With ?

Tastecoin's First EatOffs & TestBites themes will be:

Candy - mini chocolate bars & gummies, Condiment - mustards, Snack - pretzels, Drink - root beers.

Candy - peanut butter cups, Condiment - salsas, Snack - tortilla chips, Drink - ginger beverages.

Candy - caramels, Condiment - ketchups, Snack - potato chips, crisps & sticks, Drink - black cherry sodas.

Candy - malted milk balls, Condiment - bbq sauces, Snack - cornbreads, Drink - coconut waters.

This Spring we will start the testing of mini chocolate bars, mustards, pretzels, root beers & gummies.

Upcoming Candy Tryouts includes cinnamon spiced candy, gums, licorice, mints, nut bars, sours, sugar free, taffy & toffees.

Upcoming Bakery Tryouts includes brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, crackers, cream puffs, muffins, tarts & whoopie pies.

Upcoming Condiment Tryouts includes bbq sauces, dips, dressings, horseradishes, hot peppers, hot sauces, pickled foods, sauerkrauts & syrups.

Upcoming Snack Tryouts includes applesauces, bars (energy, fruit, granola, krispy), dried fruit/berries, jerkies, nuts, popcorns, & trail mixes.

Upcoming Drink Tryouts includes aloe, berries, coffees, diet, energy, flavored & sparkling waters, garden, juice boxes, lemonades, & limeades.

A special tribute nonpareil sampler will start to fund the testing of healthier options at food kitchens, shelters, hospitals and schools.

Future EatOffs themes may include - bbq potato chips, choc covered pretzels, orange sodas, chunky peanut butters, strawberry spreads,

chocolate milks, pomegranate juice, watermelon ices, purple carrots, pistachio ice creams, spicy salsas, blueberry muffins, bbq rubs, mint teas, vanilla frostings, cocktail mixes, jersey tomatoes, grape jams, yogurt covered cashews, tart apples, jalapeno flavored jerkies, animal crackers, vanilla yogurts, root beers, organic dates, pesto sauces, sour pickles, trail mixes, coconut cream pies, lemonades, gingerbread cookies, apple sauces, gummy candies, sauerkrauts, polentas, honeys, cornbreads, etc.

How Will EatOffs Expand ?

The nature of the changing food & drink themes of EatOffs help Tastecoin expand & vary the hosts for our taste testing.

Tastecoin's search for buying group members will continuously add new locations, attracting new customers to our testing data.

Who Has The Best Chance To Be Tested By EatOffs ?

Food manufacturers with new products have the best chance to be tested by Tastecoin's restaurants, retailers, vending companies & consumers.

How Can Manufacturers Get Free Data From EatOffs ?

Manufacturers that provide a case of product for EatOffs hosts, will receive their first grading by hosts & consumer rating average for free.
Free consumer rankings/gradings/initial reactions/comments, go to manufacturers that provide several cases of product for consumer tastings.
Data generated includes hosts initial tabulations, all the top ten brands chosen, food judges decrees & consumers EatOffs & TestBites ratings.

What Advertising Options Do Manufacturers Have To Promote EatOffs ?

Coupon circulars & direct mail are options for manufacturers currently, with signage, tasting placemats & score cards coming in late 2017.

Beyond coupon circulars & direct mail, all event based advertising opportunities for manufacturers will be shared with hosts.

What's Coming In EatOffs Future ?

Besides giving consumers access to tastings, new products, remainders, closeouts & new age options, EatOffs educationally explores foods.

Histories of related ingrediants, nutritional information, lobby control and other educational aspects will constantly be examined.

How things work, chemistry involved, what turns to sugar, Americans food related health problems and more will be revealed.

In 2018, Tastecoin will create Non GMO, organic and allergy based menus for more sensitive consumers to thrive on.

Using gathered information, Tastecoin buying group members can jump on trending items early to ride the sales waves together.

Big companies take a long time to react to a trend, small companies can turn on a dime when notified and equipped.

What Incentives, Profits & Discounts Are Associated With EatOffs

Customers that buy added on or embedded products earn Tastecoins for 1/10th of their orders.

Customers earn 2% incentive coupons to discount in-store purchases from their dropped shipped purchases.

2% incentive coupons, closeouts & hosting attractions motivate local online customers into physical stores.

In 2018, Retailers can price excess inventory ( glut ) in Tastecoins & feature them at their EatOffs & on Xglut.com.

Retailers will also be able to use their unwanted glut with our coupons to attract attention to their sale.

Manufacturers with new products have the best chance to be tested by our participating businesses.

After EatOffs consumers favorite products can be embedded onto the shelves of local businesses.

How Will EatOffs & Tastecoin Expand ?

The nature of the changing grocery themes of EatOffs helps Tastecoin expand & vary the hosts for our taste testing.

After our 2017 Sparta area test, Tastecoin plans to expand further into Morris, then into Passaic & Bergen Counties.

Besides drawing local support, coordinating north Jersey product pavilions will increase our NYC & tri-state tourism.

Tastecoin advertises in publications that are distributed in wineries, restaurants & other nearby tourist attractions.

New locations entice new customers to our tastings, testings, showcases, add ons, sales, embedding & data.

Can Manufacturers Tip Hosts After Successful Events ?

After hosting EatOffs or other attractions, manufacturers may award involved shops free or discounted products.

Why Is Their So Much Sugar & Bad Ingredients In Most Of The Products Tested ?

Tastecoin will also taste test glutten free, organic, non GMO & allergy based products for more sensitive consumers.

Besides Newspaper Circulars & Direct Mail What Other Marketing Will Be Available ?

Event based ad opportunities for manufacturers like signage, tasting tickets & score cards will start in late 2017.

More Coming Soon

Feast, Play, Enjoy, Learn, Wear, Adorn, Smile, Relax, Party, Track.

Foods, Candy, Beverages, Juice Flavors, Snacks, Soda Flavors, Distributors.

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Sparta & Surrounding NJ Towns, Beta Tests Tastecoin's Family Fun This Spring.